A b o u t  u s

South Border is an art gallery at the heart of Beirut’s cultural center, specializing in Latin American art (with a special focus on Brazilian, Cuban, Venezuelan, and Chilean art), and determined to introduce the world of art collecting to Lebanon’s art appreciators.

We aim to highlight artists with Lebanese origins, and our pieces include work from up and coming artist, world-renowned artists, as well as a selection of decorative art pieces.

Our new approach to art collection includes bringing in some of our artists to hold workshops, and speak to potential owners, encouraging an exchange of skills and thoughts between Lebanon and the respective countries. Artists are also available to take in orders and paint on site.

Our gallery is located in an old Lebanese turn of the century building in Gemayzeh, and opened its doors in late 2007, and displays artwork by painters and artists that are exclusive to South Border in Lebanon.

The gallery is owned and managed by Michel El-Daher, an art lover, who has spent his life traveling the world and discovering local art and artists. He has lived in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba, and many of the artists exposing in the gallery have become close friends.

He has previously owned galleries in Los Angeles and Paris, and South Border brings his expertise and passion to Beirut.

Young Artists
South Border aims to introduce young and rising artists that have already established themselves in their home countries to people in Lebanon. Most of these artists are now on display in various galleries around the world, and South Border brings them exclusively to Lebanon.

As we aim to encourage art collection in Lebanon’s rising urban scene, we encourage potential owners to meet the artists, who are flown in from their respective countries and hold seminars and open discussions with those interested, in addition to taking in specific requests from interested parties.

Many of our up and coming artists have Lebanese origins, making their presence in Lebanon particularly important for them. These include:
- Aisar kalil ,grand parents emigrated from chazir(Cuba)
- Kamil Ballaudy whose ancertors came from falougah and his 23 years old son joel(Cuba)
- Judith Lauand (Brazil)
- Bruno sfier (Uruguay)

World Renowned Artists
Some of the world’s most renowned Latin American artists are also part of South Border’s extensive collection available.
Most notably, South Border has recently acquired pieces by Wilfredo Lam, Julio Romero de Torres, and Oscar Dominguez.
We also specialize in the work of the Osirarte, an almost legendary group of Brazilian tile artists from Sao Paolo from the 1930s and 40s. These include Volpi, Zanini, Miguel Banderas, and Portinari.

Decorative Art In addition to paintings, we have a variety of decorative art items from Brazil, each unique and carefully selected to bring a touch of art to homes and offices.